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We offer a myriad of customs brokerage services including Import/Export of FCL & LCL cargo direct or through bonded arrangements both Air of Sea.  When you arrive the Import Cargo is custom cleared, transported to your residence, unloaded, unpacked, re-assemble of basic furniture, removal of  debris and container returned.

When you depart the Export Cargo is basic furniture is dissembled, packed, Custom Examined and loaded into liftvans/containers, fumigated where necessary and transported to port for freighting by Air/Sea to destination in consultation with our global network Agent

We professionally handle the documentation process for both export and import shipment in such a manner that our account does not face any hassle with their shipments both at destination and origin. This is the result of our expertise and the relationship we hold with officers in the industry.


  • Complete package clearance within the shortest time for clearance of general cargo
  • Customs Bonding
  • Duty and Taxes Management
  • Guaranteed cargo clearance within three days of arrival for direct consignees (devoid of any demurrages)
  • Document preparation and regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Advice on tariffs and classifications


We transport both by Air and Sea to any part of the world on economic rates in consultation with our Global Network for a hassle free service


We handle the export and import of pets by air in consultation with the regulations laid out by the government of Sri Lanka/Country of Origin and country of destination/ Sri Lanka respectively.


  • We offer economic solutions for both import and export of personal vehicles which includes
  • For Exports – de-registration, cancellation of No. Plates, lashing and custom examination for exports.
  • For Imports – Customs Clearance, delivery to residence and Insurance